Starbucks (100x100)

This icons can be used for favicon.
But, comment if you take or use it! Because hard to make this ^^
All files is under 5 kb, so it's small.
Credit to: neivin and flickr. Edited by me.

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Bekal itu Sehat

Hello, Stuuds! Nah, siapa yang membawa bekal ke sekolah like mine? Banyak yang beranggapan kalau membawa bekal itu anak mami, gak gaul, mau piknik, atau apalah, tapi....

Tic Tac Toe Sursprised

Hai Sweets! In this post, I wanna tell you about this funny and surprised game! ( ^ ^ ) This game called Tic Tac Toe. You've know this game right? You must choose X or O and fill in the board until it vertical, horizontal, or maybe diagonal. But this Tic Tac Toe is  online version and have surprised!!! Wanna try?


Hindari Blog Over Weight


Hai Sweets! Long time no post yaa... Oya, tau gak maksud dari judul entri kali ini? Langsung aja Check it out!


Tag Liebster Award!

Hey Everyone? Neivin's here! xx. Aku dapat Award loh dari Dinda, judulnya Liebster Award. Terima kasih Din, atas tag-nya! :D