The Greatest Song I've ever heard form Gustav Mahler

See that? Gustav Mahler! He was a famous Austrian composer and conductors of his generation in Opera! His 
early conducting career start from 1880 until 1888. He's the most amazing classic music composer I've never know! He is soprano composer. Hmm..I like the voice and His song called 
Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen - from Rückert-Lieder by Gustav Mahler. You've know this song? If not, you must hear that! must! I don't know his song languange, but not from English let alone Indonesia, Lol.

If u hear this, don't gorget to see your PC volume control in the bottom right side the toolbar, and change the sound until 100% and see this!

Wow! This is really! No edit! The sound strengh until 100% because the sound very - very....Ouuh! I have no words to say! Amazing right? Yess!

You wanna see all his top 100 song? This >>> / watch Gustav Mahler video title

But, he's R.I.P on 1911 and the important is........ I wasn't life in this world! Even my beloved grandma' not yet born Haha....

His complete and detail profile in this (credited) and also credit to Wikipedia ID


  1. Wah, Kakak baru tahu Neivin suka classical juga. Eh, intip ah videonya...
    Wah, emang bagus, tapi Kakak nggak sampai habis liatnya...
    Kalo Kakak paling suka :

  2. Iya kak! Wah.... bagus tuh kak kecil2 berbakat..Hebat! thanks for recomendation yaa kak @Syifa Aulia


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